Visual Thing was founded in 2002 by Ashley Peat and Michael Dore-Smith, and was born first and foremost out of the desire to create beautiful images.

Our studio is located in Cremorne – considered by many to be the heart of the creative hub of Melbourne. Over the last 15 years, we have progressively developed into an industry leader in the high-end fashion retouching market, forging a unique niche in this highly specialised creative industry.

As well as fashion retouching, our studio has also gained the enviable reputation as one of Australia’s leading creative retouching studios. We are fortunate to be working with some of Australia’s most recognised and respected creatives, photographers and designers, collaborating with them to produce some truly striking and engaging images.

One of our great strengths is that we have the resources to take on major campaigns, whilst still maintaining a ‘boutique’ studio approach. We have a great appreciation of every aspect of image making, and strive to encapsulate this into every image that comes our way. Whether it be one of many images
incorporated into a complex advertising campaign, or a stand-alone image that is used to capture a brands’ essence, we aim to put as much energy and effort as possible into each and every one.

Our tight-knit team come from varied backgrounds across all industry disciplines which provides us with a great variety of resources to draw from day to day, and project to project.

We are renowned for our desire for perfection and attention to detail, and we thrive on making the seemingly impossible possible. Whether it be creating an image from nothing, or meeting that demanding deadline.

We consider ourselves to be both artist and expert technician. Every aspect of what we produce is considered from both sides in terms of it’s creative attributes and technical complexity. Our team has years of pre-press experience and love and appreciate the technicalities involved in producing the final product for any medium, whether it be in print, instore or online.